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Karo-G Tingling Gel

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The world of heightened pleasure has a new ambassador for the best lubricant – Bloomastra's Karo G Tingling Gel. This sensational elixir is your ticket to a symphony of delightful sensations. It is masterfully crafted to bestow a gentle, tingling touch that ignites the flames of arousal and boosts sensitivity. Imagine a sensation that takes your intimate moments and performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

But that's not all! Tingling Gel doesn't just stop at tingles; it's the key to unlocking an entire treasure chest of passion and delight during your most intimate moments. Whether you're going solo on an adventure of self-discovery or diving into the depths of passion with a lover,

Tingling Gel is your trusted companion. Picture a world where every touch and every moment is filled with anticipation and ecstasy.

With the best lube for intercourse — Karo G Tingling Gel, you're not just having an intimate encounter; you're embarking on a thrilling journey where excitement, pleasure, and satisfaction reign supreme. And while you ride the highs with the euphorically throbbing sensations that make you want more, the paraben-free, non-sticky, and stain-free magical potion also moisturises your privates with its goodness of Aloe Vera and Lactic Acid. So get ready to elevate your intimate moments and turn them into an unforgettable odyssey with this tingling pleasure gel.

How to Use

Get ready to embark on a journey of boundless ecstasy, whether with a partner or flying solo.
First, ensure your hands are immaculate as you prepare for this heavenly adventure. With a
touch of Karo G Tingling Gel, indulge in its delightful concoction of warming, cooling, and
vibrating sensations. Feel the excitement course through you while it gently eases away any
hint of vaginal dryness.

This magical tingling lubricant gel keeps you invigorated and active for longer, allowing you
to luxuriate in self-indulgence or the shared delight that intimacy brings. As you draw closer
to an explosive climax, the tingling sensation creates an unforgettable crescendo.

What's more, this ultra-smooth Karo G Tingling Gel is your perfect companion even before
bedtime, enhancing your response. And if you ever need to wash it away, don't fret! This
lightweight, non-sticky lubricant vanishes effortlessly, ensuring your experience is all about
pleasure and comfort.


Purified Water
Organic Glycerin
Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice
Lactic Acid
Celastrus Paniculatus (Malkangni Oil) / Seed Extract
Myristica Fragrans (Jaiphal Oil) / Nutmeg Oil,
Syzygium aromaticum (Clove Oil) / (Clove) Leaf Oil

    Karo-G Tingling Gel
    Karo-G Tingling Gel
    Karo-G Tingling Gel
    Karo-G Tingling Gel
    Karo-G Tingling Gel
    Karo-G Tingling Gel
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    Water Soluble
    Skin Friendly
    Long lasting fun


    How long does Tingling Gel feel like a party for my senses?

    Our Tingling Gel is the life of the party for your senses. The effect takes about 3-5 minutes to rile you up and keeps the celebration going with sparks and fireworks for a long and exciting journey to the finish line!

    Can I create the ultimate party of ecstasy by clubbing Tingling Gel with condoms and sex toys?

    Absolutely! Our Tingling Gel is like the BFF of condoms and sex toys. It's all about teamwork. It's water-based, so it won't throw any tantrums with latex or polyurethane condoms. And it's like the chameleon of pleasure - it gets along with most sex toy materials, be it silicone, rubber, or plastic. Just remember, pick high-quality playmates and follow the manufacturer's instructions for a safe and jolly good time!

    I'm curious, will Tingling Gel leave any traces on my bedsheets or clothes?

    No, Tingling Gel isn't the mischievous type to leave traces on your bedsheets or clothes. It keeps the party confined to where it belongs!

    Does Tingling Gel have a 'use by' date I should know about?

    Absolutely! Tingling Gel knows how to have fun but also stays fresh. It's got a "best before" date, so make sure to check it and enjoy the tingles while they last!

    If I have sensitive skin or allergies, is Tingling Gel still a good fit for me?

    Indeed, our Tingling Gel is the safety guru in the pleasure department, fit for most grown-ups. But, if your skin is as unpredictable as a weather forecast, we suggest a little "Tingling Test Drive." Apply a tiny dot of Tingling Gel in a secret skin hideout and have a chill session. Make sure there are no surprise plot twists before you unleash it on your grand intimate adventure!

    Could you give me the lowdown on what makes Bloomastra’s FOMO Gel, Tingling Gel, and Intimate Lube unique from each other?

    Sure thing! Think of it like this: Bloomastra’s FOMO Gel is like your spontaneous best friend, always ready to add a little excitement. Tingling Gel is like that extra spark of magic in your life, adding sensations to your intimate moments. And Intimate Lube? Well, it's your trusted companion for smooth and comfortable adventures. Each one brings its unique flavor to the party, so you can choose what suits your mood and desires.

    Can I rest easy knowing that Bloomastra's products are safe for me?

    Absolutely! Safety is our middle name. Each Bloomastra product undergoes rigorous testing and meets all the safety standards to keep you worry-free.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Chaaya A
    Warm and Tingly

    I love the warm, tingly feeling. It makes everything much more sensitive and intense.
    - Chaaya A

    Kunjan R
    Tingling Sensation

    The product was surprising pleasant with a tingling sensation. I would highly recommend.

    Ekta M
    Helps Arousal

    he tingling sensation really helps with arousal.
    - Ekta M

    Saloni R
    Ideal for Travel

    I really appreciate the sachet format. It’s much easier to carry a few sachets rather than a whole bottle, and they’re ideal for quick, easy, and discreet use.

    Atith Shah
    Safe and Quality

    Extremely useful and safe to use. Good quality lubricant without any harmful chemicals. Great product such a saviour.