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Ruko-G FOMO Gel

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The ‘fear of missing out’ blues are no joke, but with Bloomastra’s Ruko G - FOMO Gel, you
can get ready to extend your intimate rendezvous like a pro! Prolonged pleasure tops the list
as the icy cool gel lets you take your own sweet time, savour every second, and revel in the
long-lasting delight this lubricant for men, women, transgender, non-binary, and other
individuals offer. The refreshing, ice-minty sensation keeps you cool even during the
steamiest encounters. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your most passionate moments that
keep you going, and you reach new heights in the pleasure game. The water-based gel for
intercourse is like a secret agent on your skin — smooth, slippery, and utterly undetectable as
it vanishes without leaving behind any icky stickiness or stains. Plus, it's long-lasting, so the
party never has to end.

What’s more, the cooling Ruko G - FOMO Gel is a match made in heaven for you to pair,
whether with a lover or condoms. The ingredients in this heavenly lube not only make you
last longer to enjoy the ride but are also extra gentle on your most delicate spots. Moreover,
our vegan potion is crafted right here in India and has never been tested on our furry friends!
We’re all about creating bliss without harm.

How to Use

Get ready for a tantalising journey with Ruko G FOMO Gel, whether you're embarking on a
solo escapade or sharing the adventure with a partner. It all begins with clean hands and a
generous dollop of this thrilling elixir.

Imagine this: a refreshing, minty wave of sensation washing over you as you apply the
silky-smooth aloe vera gel lube to your most intimate areas. It's like a cool breeze on a
scorching hot day but for your most passionate moments. And if you're using a condom, no
worries; the fun doesn't stop. Apply the gel right on top.

Now, it's time to plunge deep into the world of self-pleasure or shared euphoria. With Ruko G
FOMO Gel, the journey is extended, offering you the pleasure of the ride before you reach
that unforgettable climax. It's not just a gel; it's your ticket to a sensational adventure, and it's
all in the palm of your hand. Get ready to explore, ignite your desires, and make every
intimate moment memorable with Ruko G FOMO Gel. Your adventure awaits!


Purified Water
Aloe Vera
Cool Mint Flavour
Citric Acid
Vitamin E Acetate

    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Ruko-G FOMO Gel
    Explore behind the scenes
    Water Soluble
    Skin Friendly
    Long lasting fun


    Is FOMO Gel gentle enough for folks with sensitive skin or finicky allergies?

    Absolutely! FOMO Gel is like a gentle giant that helps you take time to enjoy the journey for a longer duration. It's fragrance-free, making it a top pick for sensitive skin and allergy-prone folks. But, if you're the cautious type, we recommend a patch test. Dab a bit in a discreet spot, wait for the all-clear, and then you're good to go.

    Can FOMO Gel join the party with condoms and toys?

    Oh, definitely! FOMO Gel loves hanging out with condoms and sex toys. It's a water-based star, so latex and polyurethane condoms are like its besties. Plus, it's on good terms with most sex toy materials, including silicone, rubber, and plastic. Just check your toy's manual to make sure they're a match made in pleasure paradise.

    How should I babysit FOMO Gel to keep it in tip-top shape?

    It's easy-peasy! Find a cool, dry spot, away from nosy sunlight, for FOMO Gel to call home. Always tuck it in at night by sealing the cap tightly to keep out any contaminants. Keep it out of reach of the little ones. And if you ever spot a color, texture, or smell makeover, it's time to break up. Remember, FOMO Gel is an external affairs expert, so no eye contact, please. If it gets too close and irritation happens, rinse with water and call it a day.

    Could you give me the lowdown on what makes Bloomastra’s FOMO Gel, Tingling Gel, and Intimate Lube unique from each other?

    Sure thing! Think of it like this: Bloomastra’s FOMO Gel is like your spontaneous best friend, always ready to add a little excitement. Tingling Gel is like that extra spark of magic in your life, adding sensations to your intimate moments. And Intimate Lube? Well, it's your trusted companion for smooth and comfortable adventures. Each one brings its unique flavor to the party, so you can choose what suits your mood and desires.

    Can I rest easy knowing that Bloomastra's products are safe for me?

    Absolutely! Safety is our middle name. Each Bloomastra product undergoes rigorous testing and meets all the safety standards to keep you worry-free.

    Should I be concerned about any harmful chemicals in Bloomastra's products?

    No need to worry! Our products are like a chemistry class for good. They're free from any harmful chemicals or materials. We're all about body-safe and intimate-friendly materials.

    What if I'm a sensitive soul or have pesky allergies? Are your products still my pals?

    We've got you covered! We've got a lineup just for sensitive types. But, if you're the allergy detective, we recommend checking product deets and maybe having a chat with your friendly neighborhood healthcare pro.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Mahika D
    Immediate Cooling

    Wow! Tried for the first time and OMG! Immediate cooling. Never felt anything like this before! This is a MUST to buy!

    Udita O
    Convenient Sachets

    The sachets are a game changer for convenience. They're small, lightweight, and easy to use, making intimate moments even more enjoyable without any hassle.

    Aarav T
    Game Changer

    I've tried several lubricants before, but this one stands out for its smooth, non sticky texture. It's a game changer in our intimate moments.

    Kartikeya I
    Easy Cleanup

    Cleaning up after using this lubricant is a breeze. It doesn't stain, which is something I really appreciate.

    Darshika V
    Thrilling Coolness

    The ice mint sensation adds a thrilling coolness to our intimate moments.