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All in One Combo Deal

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Buy all 3 Flavours and get 1 Strawberry Vanilla Intimate Lube ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Experience sensations heightened. 

Free travel bag!

How to Use

Experience Ultimate Pleasure with Our Intimate Trio Combo Pack

1. Cozy Bloom Intimate Lube: Begin your journey into pleasure with the Cozy Bloom Intimate Lube. Ideal for enhancing your most private moments, this lubricant offers a velvety sensation that enhances every touch. Apply a small amount to intimate areas or over a condom to ensure a smooth, gliding experience. Its hydrating formula not only increases comfort but also intensifies sensations, whether you're on a solo mission or with a partner. Let Cozy Bloom be your gateway to prolonged pleasure and unforgettable climaxes.

2. Karo G Tingling Gel: Elevate your senses with Karo G Tingling Gel. This unique gel is designed to stimulate and excite with its blend of warming, cooling, and tingling sensations. Perfect for alleviating vaginal dryness, it enhances your natural response and keeps you engaged longer. Apply it directly for a thrilling boost before intimacy or as a nightly ritual to heighten sensations. Washable and non-sticky, it ensures that your journey to ecstasy is as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

3. Ruko G FOMO Gel: Prepare for an adventure with Ruko G FOMO Gel, a refreshing, mint-infused lubricant that cools and excites. Its lightweight, aloe vera-based formula is perfect for those looking to add a chill thrill to their intimate encounters. Use it with or without a condom and enjoy the extended pleasure it provides. Ruko G FOMO Gel is not just a lubricant but a journey enhancer, offering you a memorable path to climax that you'll want to revisit time and again.

How to Use: Start each session with clean hands. Select your gel and apply a generous amount to your or your partner's intimate areas or over a condom. Each product is designed to complement the other, ensuring a smooth, sensational experience tailored to your desires. Dive into the depths of pleasure with our Intimate Trio Combo Pack and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

    All in One Combo Deal
    All in One Combo Deal
    All in One Combo Deal
    All in One Combo Deal
    All in One Combo Deal
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    Is FOMO Gel gentle enough for folks with sensitive skin or finicky allergies?

    Absolutely! FOMO Gel is like a gentle giant that helps you take time to enjoy the journey for a longer duration. It's fragrance-free, making it a top pick for sensitive skin and allergy-prone folks. But, if you're the cautious type, we recommend a patch test. Dab a bit in a discreet spot, wait for the all-clear, and then you're good to go.

    Can FOMO Gel join the party with condoms and toys?

    Oh, definitely! FOMO Gel loves hanging out with condoms and sex toys. It's a water-based star, so latex and polyurethane condoms are like its besties. Plus, it's on good terms with most sex toy materials, including silicone, rubber, and plastic. Just check your toy's manual to make sure they're a match made in pleasure paradise.

    How should I babysit FOMO Gel to keep it in tip-top shape?

    It's easy-peasy! Find a cool, dry spot, away from nosy sunlight, for FOMO Gel to call home. Always tuck it in at night by sealing the cap tightly to keep out any contaminants. Keep it out of reach of the little ones. And if you ever spot a color, texture, or smell makeover, it's time to break up. Remember, FOMO Gel is an external affairs expert, so no eye contact, please. If it gets too close and irritation happens, rinse with water and call it a day.

    How long does Tingling Gel feel like a party for my senses?

    Our Tingling Gel is the life of the party for your senses. The effect takes about 3-5 minutes to rile you up and keeps the celebration going with sparks and fireworks for a long and exciting journey to the finish line!

    Can I create the ultimate party of ecstasy by clubbing Tingling Gel with condoms and sex toys?

    Absolutely! Our Tingling Gel is like the BFF of condoms and sex toys. It's all about teamwork. It's water-based, so it won't throw any tantrums with latex or polyurethane
    condoms. And it's like the chameleon of pleasure - it gets along with most sex toy materials, be it silicone, rubber, or plastic. Just remember, pick high-quality playmates and follow the manufacturer's instructions for a safe and jolly good time!

    I'm curious, will Tingling Gel leave any traces on my bedsheets or clothes?

    No, Tingling Gel isn't the mischievous type to leave traces on your bedsheets or clothes. It keeps the party confined to where it belongs!

    Does Intimate Lube have any magical powers for enhancing the pleasure experience?

    While it might not have magical powers, Intimate Lube is like a wizard's trusty wand, ready to make your pleasure experience extra special and comfortable. It helps you slide and glide like a ride at a waterpark without friction or irritation.